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ISSN 1416-300X Volume 10, Issue 1 Jan 2008
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Jankel - Stand number OR42

Jankel are special vehicle manufacturers, specialising in armour / armor protected vehicles for Law Enforcement and VIP / Staff Protection requirements. With headquarters close to London, production locations throughout England and a large production facility in Jordan for large volume low cost manufacture the result of a Joint Venture with the Jordanian Government. Current Law Enforcement projects include:

• Jankel Guardian Armoured / Armored Police Vehicle
• Jankel Stirling Counter Terrorist Assault Vehicle
• Jankel Aigis Armoured / Armored Escort Vehicle
•  Jawad Armoured / Armored Troop Carrier
• Al Thalab Jankel Long Range Patrol Vehicle Current VIP / Staff Protection projects include:
•   Armoured / Armored 78 & 105 Toyota LandCruiser & Hi-Lux •   Limousines and armoured / armored vehicles based on Rolls Royce Phantom,     Bentley, Range Rover, Jaguar and Toyota models Jankel is showing a number of products including:

Jankel Al-Thalab LRPV: Al-Thalab is a Long Range Patrol Vehicle based on a commercially available ruggedised Toyota LandCruiser chassis to offer the user an extremely rugged, reliable and capable patrol platform. Compared with alternatives Al-Thalab offers a low purchase price and low life cycle costs through the global Toyota network.

Armoured Toyota Hilux: Jankel offer an independently validated and approved armoured LandCruiser from its production facility in Jordan to provide the customer with an armoured vehicle which is technically as good as it can be, while offering a very competitive purchase price. MAPIK: Modular Armour Protection Kit [ MAPIK ], is a unique modular, rapidly deployable, lightweight armour system designed to be portable between vehicle types. The system is in extensive use in soft skinned and tactical patrol vehicles. www.jankel.com

JCB - Stand No. ESS11 & OR36

On June 20th 2006 JCB announced the launch of a new range of High Mobility vehicles to meet the growing demand for such vehicles for the world-wide military. Building on their unique design of its Fastrac tractor and the announcement last October that the U.S. Army had ordered 600+ of its High Mobility Engineer Excavator(HMEE), in an order worth £140m, JCB surprised the audience by announcing not one but two new vehicles, the High Mobility Variable Reach Truck (HMVRT) and High Mobility Utility Vehicle (HMUV), the latter will compete head on with the current choice of vehicles on the market, the HMT, Duro, Pinzgauer and Mercedes Unimog. These vehicles are on display at the DVD Show.

Michael Lamming the new Head of JCB’s recently formed Government & Defence Business Unit gave an upbeat assessment of JCB’s prospects in the military business area.

As a backgrounder he gave a graphic description of the strength and breadth of JCB. In 2006 it attained the accolade as the third largest construction equipment company in the world with 17 factories, 8 in the UK with 8000 employees, 4300 in the UK.

From a standing start it has now built and delivered 50,000 engines from its new purpose-built plant in Wales fulfilling 50% of the JCB requirement. Tow of these engines powered the JCB DieselMax to the world record last year, a unique achievement in such a short period of time.

JCB has 270 different product lines and the military accounts for a number of these including the High Mobility Utility Vehicle (HMUV), High Mobility Engineer Excavator (HMEE), High Mobility Rough Terrain Forklift (HMRTF), High Mobility Fastrac (HMF) and militarised versions of its esteemed 4CX vehicle which is in service with 14 Armed Forces including the UK, France and Pakistan. JCB has introduced a new armoured cab for the 4CX range which can be easily retrofitted to existing vehicles. JCB has also delivered 329 JCB 5250 and 91 54170 Loadall vehicles to the MoD.

The High Mobility Engineer Excavator (HMEE)is proceeding well in the USA with 636 vehicles expected to be delivered over three and a half years in an order worth £1bn. Deliveries start in July with no production expected outside the USA for the moment. The MoD is also looking at the vehicle given the savings made in the logistic tail in that the vehicle is self-contained and can keep up with Front Line troops under its won power without the requirement for expensive and cumbersome transporters. JCB USA has developed a new baseline armored cab upgrade adding 1200 kgs of armor into the floor and cab with an optional Appliqué ‘B’ kit. JCB has also signed a CLS contract to support the vehicle post-ISD in the USA, Germany, Italy and South Korea.

The High Mobility Rough Terrain Forklift (HMRTF)is now regarded as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of the range and can now come equipped with a 5 metre mast and 24v system for HQ troop support.

The High Mobility Utility Vehicle (HMUV)was shown for the first time at DVD since the concept launch last year. The Editor was privileged to have sneak preview and drive of the prototype JCB HMUV at the company’s HQ last year. The performance of this prototype was impressive then and now the vehicle has been refined with new cab features to easily incorporate a BOWMAN fit and an automatic JCB gearbox. JCB’s HMUV has been developed around the military requirement for vehicles capable of transporting four tonne payloads or a combination of payload and personnel. This makes the HMUV a completely new type of vehicle for JCB. JCB has started designs for the armoring of this vehicle for the MPV requirement.

Underlining the capability of the HMUV, it is capable of towing up to 4,000kg in addition to its own payload. Its top speed is an impressive 68mph. The final concept will be determined in conjunction with the MOD. JCB had a HMUV taking people round the Test Track.

Michael Lamming said that there was no launch customer for the vehicle as yet but both the Dutch and UK Armed Forces had shown considerable interest in the vehicle.

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